27th February, 2011
- boredom all over.

im so sorry i havent been updating for almost one month.
my blog is ROTTING. i know ok. hahaha.
so yeah, cny is over. but still we got lots of parteh in march <3 :D

results out, and its so fucking worst. worst than ever i had on assesment in schools :(
but luckily my friends told me about my result, i could go for business school. im applying it now. hopes theres a good news soon. PRAY HARD!

so yeah, today.. sunday. BOREDOM STRIKES. mygosh.. bored dao wo want cry liao ah ! haiss.
and recently i wana download new chinese songs.. anyone got songs, intro me okay? thanks ! :D

1st February, 2011
- woots woots` :D

woooo. my blog is going to rot soonn. hahaha, sorry for not updating. im just too busy and also kinda lazy to blog (aa)
chinese new year is like 2 more dayss. weeeee ~ fire works everywhere` PING PONG PIANGG ` ;D
went down to miri again yesterday with my family. nothing much. traffic jam like hell got laa. hais.
as usual, shopping and i eat alott ! :D MUAHAHAHA.

here's a song, awesome song. although its an old song, but there's meaning in it. try to listen :)

19th January, 2011
- Shop shop shop :D

wooo. yes, recently been doing shopping alot due to chinese new year. its so sooonnn ~ weeee. ang pauu lai lai ~ HAHA.
yesterday went down to miri with my beloved family. awesome trip.. ate alot and do shopping alot.
i bought few pink colour dress (a)
yes, i have to admit .. nowadays im into pink & I DONT KNOW WHY, seriously! " pink fever " HAHA
so yes. chinese new year my room is pink include my bed and curtain -.- gee gee laaa. what happen to meee?! :O

im going to do more shopping again later. MUAHAHAHA (aa)
hope there's no more pink stuff for me -.-

15th January, 2011
- All i want is to hold you tight <3

HAHA. this song is so awesomee. this song quite long i guess, but its still awesommeee.
ps. intro by my friend. MUST LISTEN ! :D

14th January, 2011
- Shopping day with my love.

yesss. i went shopping yesterday afternoon with my love one, cavan sim. HAHA. he bought me a "leg-klace" ~ gagaga, thank you cavan sim <3 :D
after that went to buy snacks in the super market. he went to the canned food section and told me last year his birthday one of his friend bought him a beef canned food.. and i was like laughing my ass off. his friend bought him that for the his birthday present, so awesomee! LOL. but anyway, there's story why his friend bought him  that. cause they went picnik or something.. he went to sakai and he said he never ate that before so his friend bought him a canned of beef. LOL! how awesome is that, cavan sim. i think i should do that THIS YEAR :)

nowadays i keep eating like theres war for foods now. sigh. IM GETTING FATTER, need to diet! gym gym gym. please cavan sim.. i need gym !! :(

10th January, 2011
- Awesome yet tired.

been 4 days working in icc and stand for more than 10 hours. but its fun tho. walking around finding customer and also known few new friends there.
HAHA. few of my friends working at icc also, happy to met them at least i know, im not alone at least i have friends there to accompany me crazy :D
some i know them but never talked before, i have met them also and we talked also. how awesome is that.
sales wasnt that awesome but at least im happy and enjoy :D
lots of free foods in expo~ yummm~ HAHA.
and also i gain alot of experience in this expo. learn lots of things from there :)
glad to had this work although the salary is so freaking low. but so what .. at least i waste my time by earning money. YES?! :) HEHE.

so conclusion, awesome yet tired experience :) TEE - HEE.

05th January, 2011

im rotting at home and finally my mom got expo tomorrow at icc and im working there. COME AND VISIT ME SOMETIMESSS :D the expo ends on sunday starting from tomorrow. will not be online :( need to earn money!! MUAHAHA.
and cavan sim, please mai hiao when im busy. LOVE YOU :D

2nd January,2011
- School reopen :D

HOHOHO. school reopen tomorrow. not for me, luckily. im not going to wake early tomorrow. HOHO.
well, good luck to my friends who still a student. good luck for waking up early and study smart.
To all my form5 friends, PLEASE study hard and smart. dont be like me. regret at the last min for not studying hard and now worrying about result ! :S

31st December, 2010
- what happen in the past, let it be in the past :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. espeacially to my love one, cavan sim.
please do not complain i didnt say happy new year to you. cause yours is more special. EHSEH ;)

we're going to parteh like crazeyy tonightt. WUUHHUU` :D
sun set lover <3 TEE HEE.
our footsteps <3

25th December, 2010   

Merry christmas everyonee ! enjoy`

been so long i didnt update my blog. getting lazier each and everyday. ass also grow mushroom already. TOO BORED AT HOMEEE. everyone outstation, left me in brunei. SADLIFE ! :(
i look so cute :D christmas time in empire <3

12th December,2010. Sunday

cavan sim,
i feel so touch that, you were there for me everytime when i need you. especially last night.. if you wasnt there, i dont know what am i gonna be. because you were there to control me, i feel safe in your arms. im sorry i make you didnt sleep for the whole night. but thanks alot to you, that you were there for me. you're so patient taking care of me while im so blur and naughty. but at least im better than the 2noobs :P thanks alot for the night. you make me laugh and smile all night and day. the party isnt that successful as i thought. cause it has cause some problems. but when im worry, you were they to hug me and whisper to me, theres nothing gonna happen. your everything is all i need right now. all of the sudden, im missing you alot. feel like hugging you and hold you tight telling you that, i wana be with you forever. i appreciate every moment with you now because we're far apart. although your surprise for me the necklace have fail, but still i feel very happy. thanks alot for helping me out on this party, appreciate it alot. thanks cavan sim, i love you & i miss you ALOT ♥ :')

11th December, 2010. Saturday


cant wait for tonight` wuhuuu :D

4th December,2010. Saturday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHNSON YAP, wish you all the best in everything :D

just reach home after party at kimball. john's birthday :)

I can say, this is the very first time i vain the most in a party. hahaha. shouting, laughing all the way. very enjoyable :)

After his party at kimball, went to pool at arena. its quite smooth there the table compare to the one i went at gadong, i dont know the name :P haha. so yeah, fullcan is better. AND YES, im inlove with pool right now. although too weak. BUT we learn for the best :D HAHA.

so yeah, im going to bed now. very tiring after everything.

this is an AWESOME saturday night :D
hoping the next saturday night will be MORE awesome ! HAHAHA :D   

1st December,2010. Wednesday

Its the last month of 2010. which 2011 is coming real SOON. hoping that 2011 is better than 2010 :)
cant wait for the counting down on 31st with friends. HAHA :p

so anyway, this month is the month where i came out from mom's tummy, which is few days more im turning 17 :D HAHA.
only thing i wish for is a new MOBILE PHONE. wonder if my parents will give me a surprise? HAAHA. okaayy.
secondly, a BEAR :D (A),
sounds like im a small little kiddy. but i like it okay?! :p hahaha.

alright, nothing much happen this few days. so i might stop here.

xoxo :)

28Th November, 2010. Sunday

If im crying, will you help me to wipe it off? :'')

Teach me to stop caring
When I think of what we were
Teach me to stop crying
When I see you there with her

Show me how to live again
When you're not here with me
Show me how to fight the fact
That we're not meant to be

Tell me that I'll be alright
And my life will be okay
Without you right here by my side
To hold my hand each day

Let these teardrops wash away
Don't let this heartbreak last...
Let me let go like you did
For you've forgotten me so fast 
- tinydancer46.
I thought things were good now
I thought we'd overcome the bad
Now I see through the illusion
Of the love I thought we had

You told me that you met her
Now you don't know what to do
I smiled and said "Just pick her
I'll be fine not having you"

But I couldn't hold my tears back
So I whispered "Got to go..."
Then I quickly hung the phone up
So my hurting wouldn't show

Now I'm shaking and I'm crying
And I don't know what to do
Cause the truth is, I was lying
I can't make it without you

26TH November, 2010. Friday
Great Trip

yes as my title say great trip its because i went to miri yesterday with my cousin cause my aunty came from kuching and she's leaving yesterday. we send her off to miri airport. but before miri. we went to kb to meet one of my cousin, she's being so busy until she cant make the time to meet my aunty. so we went to her house and meet her. her husband is ang mo. guess what her house is just so niceee. my goshh. but lots of monkey. hahaa. her house is like those ang mo style. oh my gawd. me and my niece so sakai about everything especially the toys my cousin bought for her daughter, its a cashier with a credit card with money inside somemore. MY GAWD. so awesome ! 
this is the cashier. isnt it cute?! HAHA
my niece have thier own rooms. one of them only 2-3 years old. and the other one is only like 1 year old? my godd.
the place where my two niece play thier cooking and toys. its in a corner. awesome isnt it?!
and after my cousin house then we start our journey to miri around 12  + reach there around 1 and we went to parkson shopping and coffee bean, we should have go starbucks, but my cousin want to go coffee bean. so yeah, anything la.. hahaha. we ordered a cake, brownies (something, i forgot) its hard when u first cut it. but when its in your mouth, you feel that you're in heaven. just way to awesome ! HAHA. aftr that we send aunty to airport around 3+ luckily we didnt cry when she left. then we continue shopping again` until 6, we went to mcd. the new opened mcd, near E mart. woah, awesome foods there. HAHA. too much of sakai - ness yesterday but it was fun :)
brownies (something i forgot ) ;p
the cute teddy bear i saw inside parkson (watson shop) awwwwww ~ :(

23TH November,2010. Tuesday

Im so bored staying at home. anyone have suggestion about any part time job? sighh. im rotting at hommmmeeeee :(

18TH November,2010. Thursday

i should be happy after i finished my exam. BUT NO. im not at all. i dont feel any freedom or happiness. I feel insecure. I feel im so useless, most of all IM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS SHITS.

why is everything NOT HAPPY come in once at a time. WHY?
where is your HEART?! WHERE?! every human being have got own wish and FEELINGS ! why the heck there's no one here understand my feelings?
If u think im not so important, or im just a extra person OR im just someone who replace another person.. let me know early, i will leave and wont be disturbing your life FOREVER.

Now the only thing i feel is, banging my head against the wall. bang and die, thats all i feel.

15TH November,2010. Monday
Happy Belated Birthday to Joaan Thian :)

Had great fun and the surprise planned is success-ed :D HAHAH.

So we reached gadong around 11-ish with rachel kong and joaan thian. Straight we went to pizza hut for lunch. when we were on the way to gadong, joaan suddenly say " aiya, forget to buy cake" me and rachel go like .. hmmmm, okay. hahaha. then we went to buy small cake for her and a paper bag for her present. she didnt know we bought her a present. haha, we eat eat chit chats, and stuff. surprise cake and birthday song sang by the pizza hut's waiters. took some pictures and her birthday present is out :P we bought her 2 dolls. one " xi yang yang" and a pig. she look like a pig, so i recommend them to share and buy the pig :P hahaha. and so yeah, we bought the wrong " xi yang yang " for her. blame edward okay, joaan? :P hahaha. i even gave her extra birthday present, that is marcus's " body " HAHA. great hang ing out with this noob tho :p

After pizza hut we went to buy movie ticket, megamind 3D. the movie start at 5.20. so we hang out around at mall, chill ing around, went to kbox and stuff.. and even bought a shoe with joaan thian. hahaa. After movie then we went to hot point for dinner and my hubby sent the 3 noobs home :P  (aa)

the shoe we bought together, we even bought the same colour (red) <3 HAHA.
i love shan's spectacles <3 HEHEHE.
group photo, with a pig on joaan's head :D
the wrong 'xi yang yang' hopefully she will still like it :p hehehehe.
The guy beside me is the one who always make me smile, love hubby <3 and rachel kong, spoiler light bulb. hahaha, no la. jk jk ;p
There are still more pictures to come :D will upload again soon yeah.. hehe.
and also, wishing edward lim good luck in his competiton in thailand, wishing him all the best. do well and take care. - dont see the girls there ah, they are all fake ! :P ahahaha.

14TH November,2010. Sunday
A great saturday night :)

Last night went out with rachel and those usual guys ( winson, edward and marcus ) they were funny like hell. we went to time square to look for something then went to empire for 3 hours. sit outside blow the wind for 1 hour. then the lightning is getting stronger then we went inside.. after that, we find a spot to relax. and wow, empire chair is so freaking comfortable. Almost fall asleep tho while chatting and gossip-ing with them. while we were gossiping, we laugh-ed.. like the whole empire is ours..
hahhahaha, but who cares. i enjoy much last night. saying all those unhappy stuff out make my feelings feel so much better. they were always there for me when im not happy :)

anyway, i got class tomorrow for my combine science paper 1. need to chiong ! :p cause my paper 2 sucks alot. paper1 is coming soon on this thursday. hope it would be easy :)

best of luck <3

13th November,2010. Saturday.

Its my first weebly. Any suggestion about this weebly, comment it on my cbox at the " shout it out " :)

wouldnt write too much, i will just stop here for today, hehe :)